Why put up with ‘one size fits all’ furniture for your home or office? At Naturally Timber you can get exactly what you’re looking for!

Our Australian furniture range is custom-made to order from the finest hardwoods, with your choice of timber stain and fittings. We also stock quality imported furniture from leading overseas manufacturers, and a comprehensive catalogue of homewares. Most stocked items are available for online purchase.

If you need help with your decor, our Interior Design Service can visit your home or business premises at a convenient time.

You’re welcome to inspect Naturally Timber’s huge range and meet the friendly, expert staff at our two Sydney showrooms in Stanmore and Auburn. Or you can discuss your requirements by phone on 1300 558 481, or send an email. We look forward to meeting you at Naturally Timber soon!

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  • Only the finest in Australian Timber Furniture

    Are you in the market for fine and high quality Australian timber furniture? Australian timber furniture represents one of the best investments that people can make for themselves, their families and for their homes. At Naturally Timber we offer a diverse range of timber furniture to easily meet the needs and preferences of customers searching for the best furniture for any home or office.

    As a choice of material, timber offers significant advantages over metal or plastic. Although good timber furniture may initially cost more than many of its counterparts, it offers a lot more value in terms of natural beauty, versatility and comfort.

    Timber furniture can add a touch of elegance to just about any home and can last for decades with minimal maintenance and it only looks better with time. While plastic or metal furniture loses its value and looks dated, Australian timber furniture is timeless.

    Custom made timber furniture for any home or office

    Custom made timber furniture enables people to purchase exactly what they need for their home or business. Here at Naturally Timber, we understand some of our clients may have very specific needs and preferences with regards to their timber furniture and that it can be difficult to address those needs by offering that which is currently available.

    We work with you to created personalised orders for custom made timber furniturein order to provide you with something that is specifically tailored to your needs and preferences. You can choose from our complete selection of hardwoods and create your perfect furniture based on your design, dimensions and timber stain choices.

    With custom made timber furniture, you need not worry about getting a piece that somehow fails to go with your décor nor deal with the dissatisfaction that something is amiss as Naturally Timber delivers exactly what you want.

    Why buy handmade timber furniture?

    What better way to add a more distinct look for your home interior than investing in handmade timber furniture? Such furniture pieces are a must-have for people looking to introduce a sense of exclusivity in their homes not to mention the fact that timber furniture offers a lot more in terms of quality and durability.

    Naturally Timber offers some of the finest selections of handcrafted timber furniture that goes perfectly well with any theme for your home interior and giving it a personalised look unlike any other. After all, such furniture pieces are handmade to suit our customer’s exact preferences in terms of style, functionality and dimensions. If you’re looking for a distinct furniture piece tailor made to match your needs and preferences then you simply can’t go wrong with handmade timber furniture.

    Your top choice in timber bedroom furniture

    Naturally Timber offers some of the best Australian timber bedroom furniture that is just perfect for setting a relaxing and peaceful ambience for any bedroom. Whatever your design preferences, from modern to classic timber furniture, we can help you find the perfect timber bedroom piece guaranteed to help our customers get a more pleasant and satisfying sleep.

    Our fine selection of timber bedroom pieces are all made from premium hardwoods and customers can choose ready made furniture or personalise their selections by choosing their preferred timber stains or get completely custom handmade bedroom furniture.

    Naturally Timber also carries some of the best hardwood bedroom furniture from top manufacturers all over the world. Just tell us what timber bedroom furniture you are looking for when you drop by our showrooms or call us 1300 558 481 and our expert staff will be happy to help.

    Create a powerful impression with the perfect timber boardroom table

    Imagine holding your important business meetings while seated at the center of a large and impressive looking timber boardroom table. Now that is certainly one powerful way of making an impression and inspiring confidence among colleagues and coworkers. We at Naturally Timber can certainly help you make it all happen.

    Naturally Timber’s fine selections of boardroom tables are made from select top grade hardwoods and can be custom built to fit customer preferences in design and dimensions which of course includes full options in fittings in timber stain options. If you are looking for the best timber boardroom tables in the market, you will certainly find it here at Naturally Timber.

    Everything you need when it comes to timber dining chairs and tables in Sydney

    Are you in the market for timber dining settings in Sydney? Well you certainly won’t see any shortage of options here at Naturally timber. Our showrooms carry lacquered and upholstered timber dining chairs along with beautiful hardwood dining tables. We have a full range of modern, contemporary and classic designs. Whatever your needs and preferences in timber dining chair and dining tables, Naturally timber can certainly deliver!

    Naturally Timber also offers customised timber dining chairs and dining tables handmade to suit our your needs and preferences. There is no better way to add distinctive value and a sense of exclusivity to your dining room than with an exclusive and personalised custom timber dining setting.

    The finest options in timber office furniture

    High quality timber office furniture creates a sense of elegance and exclusivity to an otherwise plain and boring workplace. Naturally Timber can help you create the perfect look with high quality hardwood office furniture.

    With our broad range of timber office furniture, you will have no trouble finding the perfect piece(s) to match your business. Naturally timber also offer quality custom made timber office furniture to match any size, functionality and design, providing workplaces with a distinct and lasting impression.

    From private offices, board rooms and training areas to office lounges and lobbies – Naturally Timber has the perfect timber office furniture for you!