The first set of furniture that was ever made by man was wood furniture and no matter how new your house might be, you will always have wooden items in your house, perhaps you inherit them from your ancestors or buy yourself. We all know wood furniture always makes our home attractive and awesome, whether new or old; you will always love that wood furniture in your home. These days, manufacturers of wood furniture have made a large variety of designs available.

Furniture may be carved by hand or produced in bigger manufacturing units. If you keep the following tips in mind when buying wood furniture, you will never regret doing so.

  • The sturdiness of furniture is the main thing to check out on, and it depends on the quality of wood construction. Solid boards are always better than veneers or particle boards.
  • Always check if there is any spilt or crack on the wood. Also make sure you check splits in joints because it’s extremely important.
  • The back panel of the wood furniture is something important for you to check for nails and screws; just make sure is not just stapled.
  • In case you are buying a wooden cupboard or anything with doors, always check whether the hinges are strong, solid and secure enough to assist the weight of the door.
  • Check bigger furniture like dresses if they have mortise and tenon joints in them. In such larger items, even screws, nails and glues fail sometimes.
  • In case you are buying a chair, make sure that they do not shake, also check how they stand and how balanced the chair is.
  • Make sure there are levelers on the bottoms of large furniture pieces.
  • While buying wooden drawers, don’t pick one without guides because it can make the drawer bind when closing and opening.
  • When buying used old furniture, make sure you know about finish. If you are planning to change the color of the furniture, you should know that factory finishes are often difficult to change.
  • If you are planning to buy wood furniture that has a light color, check the genuine color of the wood by rubbing across a naked unfinished part with wet fingers. You would then come to know what the color of the wood will be when varnished with natural stain. Always remember that naturally dark wood cannot be lightened.
  • When buying antique wooden furniture or timber furniture, always make sure you select real antiques and not mere reproductions. Always seek advice from antique experts. And also note that antiques were particularly made for special locations. Make sure it will fit in to your home before buying the big antique pieces.
  • When choosing wood furniture, check out for boreholes and active woodworm. Tap the wood to sense any fresh woodworm on the furniture. If dust are coming out of the holes, that means there woodworm in the furniture.

Buying good furniture for your home might be difficult, but following these tips will surely help you to choose the best furniture for your home. If you don’t want to pass through the stress and yet choose the best furniture for your home, contact Naturally Timber today for solid wood furniture in Sydney and feel the difference!