3 Ways To Style Your Australian Hardwood Timber Bed Frame

There is an art to incorporating the great outdoors into your home. Australian hardwood timber beds bring a natural feel and look to a modern space. When done well, the balance of rustic and modern will bring unparalleled warmth and versatility to your bedroom.

Although a hardwood timber bed frame is a forever piece, in our opinion, it still requires intentional styling.

Below are 3 ways to add character, style, and modernity to your bedroom, centred around your grand wooden bed frame.

the Industrialist

An industrial take on your bedroom can be visionary when carefully put together. It combines the past and present with hard materials and smoother conceptual accents. Styling this around your wooden bed frame leaves much room to create a space that you will enjoy. Make use of metal and concrete shelving, multi-coloured wooden decor, and light linens for a well-balanced sanctuary.

The Farmhouse Enthusiast

A popular interior decor trend that has mass appeal is the humble farmhouse but modernised. Wooden and white tones bring country living to a twenty-first-century home and bedroom in particular. Simple aesthetics, shiplap accents, and interesting lighting pendants can bring these two concepts together with ease.

The Scandinavian Perfectionist

Although minimalistic design has proven to be popular for years, it is rarely done right. With a wooden bed frame as the focal point in the room, you need to build it up in a functional way while still being stylish. Natural light is a major aspect of this style, so using light wooden tones will be more effective than darker timber furniture. Clean, simple, and under-accessorised is the best way to approach this interior design trend.

To conclude, while your Australian hardwood timber bed is an inspired piece of furniture, it should still reflect your personality just as well. Enhancing it with your take on interior design can create a space that is welcoming, comforting, and stylish all in one.

Elevate your 100% Australian hardwood timber bed frame with creative styling. Naturally Timber is ready to assist you in creating the home that you want at affordable prices. Contact us to learn more about our custom work today!

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