5 Items Every Stylish Home Office Should Have

Work from home is the new norm these days, and many of us realised that a makeshift workspace in your dining or living room isn’t the best solution to working effectively. A dedicated workspace that inspires productivity and makes you want to spend your work hours there is essential to get work done. Therefore, it is important that you set up a stylish home office with functional timber desks and other inspiring furnishings to stay motivated and focused as you work from home. 

Zylem height-adjustable timber desk with American Oak top

Wondering how to do that? From classic wooden bookcases to ergonomic timber desks, there are plenty of must-have items that will impart new life into your home office. 

Here we have a list of 5 essentials for your stylish home office that will certainly give a boost to your productivity:

A Stylish, Height-Adjustable Office Timber Desks

A stylish, ergonomically correct, custom made wooden desk not only brings style and comfort to your home office but also boosts productivity. Allowing you to adjust your computer screen at just the perfect height and keep your wrists straight as you type, your custom wooden computer desk will ensure your spine, neck, shoulders, back, and wrists don’t get unnecessary strain. 

To add visual interest to your workspace, consider buying a wooden slab desk with natural edges handcrafted using top-quality wood. It will last longer, look visually appealing, and make your work hours as comfortable as ever. 

Soho open-back bookcase in Tasmanian BlackwoodSpace-Saving Wooden Bookcases

The last thing you want is clutter surrounding your compact home office. A well-organised office space not only looks appealing but also elevates mood and inspires productivity. If you’re short on space, consider a floating wall shelving unit for your office miscellanies and décor items. 

Alternatively, a compact, free-standing 5 shelf wooden bookcase should make a good choice for your books, paperwork, and inspiring display items. When the space is at a premium, a small wooden bookcase with an open-back design can create an expansive feel while bringing much-needed organization to your home office. 

A Storage Cabinet

Taking the concept of organisation a step further, you may need a reliable filing system to keep important paperwork organized in hard copies. Fortunately, you can bring in sleek and stylish filing cabinets to safely store all important documents. Your wooden bedside tables may also double up to serve the purpose in your home office, but it’s better if you can buy a dedicated storage unit. 

Desk Organiser

When you have everything properly managed and organised in your home office, try not to let your timber desks look messy. It’s difficult to focus on your job when your work desk is drowning in clutter. 

You can find some cool desk organisers in the market that will help tidy up your desk and keep all your supplies easily accessible. A sophisticated desktop organizer will also add a touch of elegance to your home office. 


Bring nature and freshness into your home office by making houseplants a part of your office décor. They not only give you fresh air to breathe but also make a style statement, elevating the entire mood of your small office space. 

Bringing plants into your home office will also boost your productivity and has been proven to increase output. You can place a couple of houseplants on a windowsill or custom made wooden desk – add a stylish planter and create a nature filled space that delights and inspires.

A stylish home office is your ticket to increased productivity levels, and you’ll enjoy spending your time there. While there are many great ideas you could incorporate into your stylish home office décor and supplies, these 5 essentials would give you a perfect start. 

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