6 Stylish Home Library Ideas using Custom Library Bookcases

You might think of a home library as some dark and dusty space where nobody enjoys spending time due to low light and a not-so-inviting ambience. But that’s not the case with today’s modern home offices and libraries that ooze style and a modern aesthetic. And it’s very affordable to create your own library space at home, especially with custom-built library bookcases.

Here are a few ideas on how you can create a stylish library at home:

Identify A Suitable Space

First, you should identify the perfect space for your home library  with your desired size and style. Choose a perfect nook for a small library, or set up a dedicated space for your extensive book collection.

Here are a few ideas:

Set Up a Hallway Home Library
If you have the luxury of a wider-than-average hallway, it’s a great idea to bring in timber custom-built library bookcases to turn it into a stylish home library. You may also opt for floor-to-ceiling shelves flanking the hallway on either side or a more innovative half-wall solution, whatever your preference.

Turn Any Wasted Space Into A Library
Do you have a space in your home that you think is a waste? Bring in a gorgeous timber bookshelf to turn them into your stylish home library. This library shelving will become a statement piece when your books and precious décor items are displayed.


Puzzle bookcase in Tasmanian Oak

Get Creative and Try Custom Built Library Bookcases

Depending on the available space, you can choose a built-in shelving system or a freestanding custom timber bookshelf for your library.

As the name suggests, the built-in shelving is permanent and may run along the walls from floor to ceiling. On the contrary, freestanding shelving can be your temporary, movable shelving that takes the form of stylish, custom-designed built library bookcases.

Whatever option you choose, plenty of shelving designs match your style and fit in the available space. These may include floating shelves, hanging shelves, corner shelves or low bookcases when vertical space is limited. Regardless of your choice, it’s always better to go with custom-designed, handcrafted wooden bookshelves for ease of moving and organising any time you feel compelled to change.

Embrace Colour

A stylish home library is not just about choosing suitable space, sideboards, and buffets.

Add a bit of interest to your reading nook by embracing colour, expressing yourself and showing off your style. It will work if you stain or paint your bookcase or introduce colourful wallpapers into your home library.

Use Multiple Types Of Artificial Lights

Lighting is going to be crucial for your home library. After all, it will be your reading quarters and need lots of quality light.

Ensure you have ample natural and artificial lighting to keep the space lit and add interest. There must be enough task, ambient, and accent lighting to keep the space functional and visually appealing. It is also good to design your home library to receive plenty of natural light throughout the day.

Introduce Stylish, Comfortable Seating

Whether you have set up a small home library or a large one, it should have comfortable seating to create cosiness.

You can make a style statement either if you want to bring in an existing lounge or buy a new stylish accent chair.

Classic display bookcases

Books and Precious Items on your Custom Built Library Bookcases

Once you have everything set up, you load up your home library with your book collection. To make sure you find a book trouble-free when you need it, arrange them by category or author.

In addition, you may also want to display your precious décor items to add interest to the space and draw the eye to your stunning creation.

Ready to create your stylish library at home? Incorporate these ideas into your home library design and build a perfect space for reading enjoyment. Introduce custom-built library bookcases, sideboards or buffets to create your dream library and add warmth and a touch of luxury to your home.

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