Best Types of Wood & Finishes for Dining Tables You Can Get in Sydney

The dining table has one of the most important roles of all pieces of furniture in our home – to gather our loved ones and let everyone enjoy their time and meal. It is a place where we can relax, give our thinking minds a break and make healthier meal decisions since we are entirely focused on the food’s taste and selection. Choosing only the best types of wood and finishes for your dining tables from the many options you can get in Sydney will help you create a dining space that you truly enjoy and feel comfortable in.


If you are about to invest in a custom timber dining table, you are probably well aware of its characteristics and benefits which made you select it in the first place. Besides durability, strength and unparalleled beauty, a timber dining table offers a wide range of design options. 


Whether you like classic rectangular pieces or are for something bolder and more abstract, wood will adapt to your preferences and reward you with a wonderful centrepiece that everyone will feel comfortable at. One way to have a dining table that matches your lifestyle and interiors completely is to select the most adequate timber finish for it.  


Stay with us and learn more about the best raw timber and finish options for dining tables you can get in Sydney or get in touch with our experienced artisans and get first-hand information now. 


American Oak Dining Table: Classic and Timeless 


Atlanta round dining table in American OakThere are multiple reasons why the mighty American Oak is one of the most preferred timbers for a dining table. Like any other hardwood species, Oak timber is strong and durable with a slightly higher resistance grade thanks to the strong grain. One of its greatest advantages is it can be used for both outdoor and indoor areas, so if you are looking for raw timber that can withstand the weather conditions for quite some time, American Oak is a great choice.


Depending on its kind, it can go from reddish to golden-orange tones, and thanks to its surface which absorbs wood preservatives well, Oak timber can be glazed, stained, smoked and varnished. 


We at Naturally Timber offer a wide selection of premium hardwood, and American Oak timber has been one of the first selections of many of our customers for a dining table. It comes with a wonderful warm note from pale straw to pale brown, and it is exceptionally easy to work with and will support any dining table design, dimensions and shape you desire. 


Besides our selection of American Oak dining tables, we also have other furniture made from American Oak.


Contemporary and Astonishing Walnut Timber


Milan dining table in Natural American WalnutWalnut timber is surely one of the most unique species out there and it gets along perfectly with modern and sleek home interiors. Its contrasting colour variations of black, grey, golden and even purple create the most unique pattern that will stay vivid for many years to come.


Like Oak, Walnut has a good balance of environmental and eco-friendly nature, and they can be resistant to water and mould. Even though it is more expensive compared to other hardwood species, its lifespan is measured in centuries (150 – 400), so its value for money is quite obvious. Its surface can be damaged by sharp items though and taking some extra care about that is required. 


No matter if you wish to have a round, rectangular, or oval American Walnut dining table, we at Naturally Timber can manufacture any kind you prefer. Pick one of the best traditional designs of dining tables that have been enriching the homes all around the Sydney area for over 35 years or present us with your original design and we’ll make sure to translate your ideas into a wonderfully crafted piece of furniture. 


Delicate Yet Strong – The Ash Timber


Atlanta dining table in Victorian Ash

If you wish to have a raw timber dining table that will illuminate the whole area with its authentic beauty and is sturdy enough to resist cracking under pressure thanks to its natural resistance to dents, Ash timber might be the solution you were looking for. It is one of the best woods for dining tables that is widely accessible in Sydney, especially if you love hosting large dinner parties.


Even though it is one of the brightest woods, it has a rich texture with a tightly packed grain. Still, it requires just a little maintenance. It absorbs wood stains well, so you can get creative with the design as you wish. On the other hand, Ash timber is more lightweight than other hardwood species, so it is a perfect choice for those who move frequently. 


Victorian Ash (Vic Ash) timber is naturally flexible, so it is widely used in construction and one of the best for dining tables and other furniture by numerous furniture makers in Sydney. It is perfect for the indoor area thanks to its warm and honey-coloured tones, and thanks to its excellent staining quality, it can match easily with other furnishings and timbers.


It is important to note that we at Naturally Timber use exclusively naturally felled trees from our plantations for furniture handcrafting to ensure the preservation of flora and fauna. 


Best Finishes for Raw Timber Dining Tables in Sydney


The dining table has its practical use, so it can experience tear and wear over time. To protect it from early degradation, there are multiple finish options to consider that are best and you would most commonly see on dining tables in Sydney.


If you wish to add some gloss level to your custom timber dining table and make it more water-resistant, you can go with a single or two-pack lacquer finish. When it comes to resin options, there are two different variants – polyester and epoxy finishes. The Epoxy resin offers a more durable non-flammable finish that is almost completely odourless, and it can resist both chemical and environmental degradation.


Now, if you want to experiment with the colours and enhance their intensity, adding oils and stains is exactly what you need. Besides being easy to apply, they will protect your raw timber dining table from liquids too. Still, they are not as effective as resins and varnish when it comes to the water-resistance level, so make sure to inform your artisan about your preferences on time.


Feel free to contact our artisans today via phone or email, and keep in mind that you can schedule a free design consultation anytime. Besides providing you with the best dining tables and other top-quality handcrafted furniture in Sydney, we are a team of creative and skilled individuals who enjoy exchanging unique ideas with our clients, so you can be sure that we will come up with a fully customised piece that reflects your style and personality entirely.

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