Custom Style Using A Kitchen Buffet And Hutch

Leura dresser in River Red Gum Buffet and HutchStorage is a major consideration when designing any space in your home, let alone a kitchen or a dining room. Fortunately, you can incorporate storage into your custom décor with the addition of a Buffet and Hutch, while also adding a splash of style and uniqueness. 

You can find a wide variety of kitchen hutches and buffets in the market with creative shapes, varying sizes, and integrated features to help you custom style any space in your home while providing a perfect storage solution. 

The buffet and hutch furniture doesn’t just give you a place to stow away your crockery, linens, or books, but also provides you with the opportunity to get creative and display your favourite treasures in style. 

Before you invest in a buffet and hutch Sydney, let’s find out how you can style your spaces with a beautiful Hampton style cabinet with glass-fronted doors, or many other styles, timber and colour options. 

Use Accent Colors To Create Visual Interest

A storage solution doesn’t necessarily have to be boring. It’s a great idea to work an accent colour throughout your interior colour scheme. 

Bringing glass-fronted doors into your interiors allows you to make a focal point out of its internal shelves by layering objects with different widths, heights, and shapes. You can also create a cohesive look by grouping items that are similar. It is also a good idea to make mini colour palettes for each shelf if you haven’t gone with an overall colour scheme. 

Naturally Timber 'Welsh' dresser - 6 doors, 8 drawers,1 shelf, Oregon Buffet and HutchDisplay Your Treasured Keepsakes In Hutch and Buffet

A hutch and buffet with timber-framed glass doors let you display items that are of importance to you, or can add visual interest to the space. It’s a great opportunity to create a stylish display of your favourite objects, materials, textures, or colours, and let your own style and flair shine.

Use Integrated Lighting On Kitchen Buffet and Hutch

You can accentuate any décor with the right type of lighting, and it’s no different with custom styling around a kitchen buffet and hutch. If you want to display something made of glass, you can make the display shine with integrated LED lighting. 

It will instantly draw attention, and the displayed items will be more visible. If your display cabinet is placed in a dark or small space, it is a good idea to use a mirrored backboard for reflecting light back and creating an illusion of depth. 

Think Long Term

When looking for a buffet and hutch, you should think long-term and consider your evolving needs. Naturally Timber buffet and hutches are more versatile than typical built-in storage, they can be moved from one room to another, and are something that can be taken to your new home should you move in the future. 

Just choose the right size and go for a perfect combination of solid wood and/or glass front doors to make the most of them. 

Kitchen hutches and buffets are one of the most versatile options to expand your storage space and elevate your interior décor. By adding colour and light, or even a classic white buffet and hutch, it is the most stylish piece of furniture that can help create visually appealing spaces in your kitchen, dining room, hallway, or anywhere else in your home. 

If you are looking for buffet and hutch furniture in Sydney, Naturally Timber brings you a wide variety of custom, handcrafted pieces that will bring style and function to your interior spaces. Check out our collection now!

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