Custom Made Dining Table: A Style to Suit Everyone

What does it take to create a dining room you’ll adore for years to come? Is it an interior designer? A full-scale renovation? Perhaps a magic wand? Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this complicated. Once you shift your attention to creating a beautiful focal point with a custom made dining table, you will quickly see it becomes the heart and soul of your space.

The perfect furniture should effortlessly reflect what you love and exude the true essence of your home. Of course, we all know how tiresome it can be to find a piece of furniture that not only fits with but also complements your space.

Creating flow around a timber dining table is essential. Not only does it have to work with existing dimensions, but it has to find a balance through colour, texture, shape and detail.

That is why the simplest answer has always been to choose made-to-order, custom furniture. The beauty of anything custom-made is that it’s created for you and you alone – crafted exactly the way you want.

Amongst the unique offering of Naturally Timber collections, we have no doubt there are styles for dining tables in Sydney to suit your taste:


The Modernist Custom Dining Table

For champions of all things sleek and simple, a modern approach can breathe new life into your dining room.

Clean, crisp lines are the hero feature of these tables, making them the ideal addition to a minimalistic home.

Modern custom timber dining tables in Sydney


The Traditionalist Dining Tables

Giving love to more ornate and classic detailing, a traditional look adds a sense of grandeur you find in established European decor.

Often featuring rich timbers and a variety of curved lines to create shape, these tables will bring a new level of sophistication to your dining room. These could be the most common but timeless dining tables in Sydney.

Traditional dining tables in Sydney


The Rustic Charmer Custom Made Dining Table

The beauty of nature embodies the rustic vibe. Fusing stunning raw materials with a chic design, it is the premium wood that will truly shine through in your dining space.

Slab tables match this style perfectly, adding warmth and charm to any room. With a custom made dining table, no two slabs will ever be the same.

Rustic dining tables in Sydney


The High-End Industrialist Dining Tables

Where luxury and opulence come to play, the bold and sometimes dramatic design of industrial glamour is a match made in heaven for someone who enjoys making a statement.

Providing an urban but edgy look, these dining tables add character with striking metal leg designs coated in black powder. Naturally Timber brings these unique but elegant dining tables to Sydney.

High-end industrialist custom timber dining tables in Sydney


Custom Made Dining Table: Your style, handcrafted your way

A dining table should be treated like an investment; you buy it once and keep it forever. Finding the right fit can take time, but will serve you, and your family and friends, in the long run.

Explore our unique collection of dining tables made of hardwood timber or start your dining room makeover today with a piece that is custom, chic and delightfully unique. With our free furniture design consultations, we will work with you to bring to life a wooden dining table that echoes your style. Let’s put some heart and soul into your home together. 


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