If a tree falls in the Australian forest, will anyone hear it? If they do hear it, can they rescue it and then turn that fallen tree into a beautiful work of art? Actually, if a tree ends up in the right hands, it can become a nice kitchen or dining room table around with which many long lasting memories can be made. The right hands can take that timber and look at the tones and streaks in the wood, the veins, examine its strength and hardness – and can design a magnificent table out of it.

There are so many things that people want in a table. Buying a dining table is not a haphazard affair. When people think of filling that space in their kitchen or dining area, they know that some memories will be made around that piece of furniture. Some are more concerned about its ability to withstand termites or repel water, but those are just the bonuses that the right timber can offer. A timber dining table is as much a statement piece as it is a place to enjoy mealtime, make memories and see life unfold. Wooden dining tables need no table cloth, although they are an option. The beauty of the wood can be part of the décor.

Picture a Thanksgiving dinner with a turkey atop a silver platter, bowls of gravy, silverware, trappings, stuffing and condiments. Now imagine that there are doilies or table runners, place mats; but no tablecloth. See the grains and knobs in the wood, the spots and stripes? Study how the light brings out great nuances that hide in the dark, see the twists of the grain, how darker shapes surrounds lighter shapes or vice versa.

While framed art is studied openly and deliberately, a great dining table may get those passing glances, those moments of delayed gazes and times of tilted-head scrutiny. Over time, a bigger picture can unfold.

Suddenly you can see the essence of nature, picturing the tree itself in a timber-rich environment along a stream, near wetlands, nigh coastlines, on islands surrounded by water. Certainly where a tree grows determines what it can become. If you were to ask many trees what they’d like to become, perhaps they’d admit that they have aspirations to become something – a shelf, a stool, a desk, a table.

When a tree falls in a forest, it makes a sound – whether anyone is there to hear it or not. When it is transformed into a table, it continues to speak, if only those around the table will listen. When a person decides to buy a dining table, they are embarking on an investment in the history of the wood, the tree from which it came, the craftsmen who turned the timber into a table.

The right dining table can be a revelation for every hungry soul that encounters it, every person that sits at it to snack or enjoy sumptuous fare. Every person that beholds its beauty can experience the table as having a personality, as well as a purpose.