Fruitwood Furniture: Bringing Together The Old And The New

There is an art to blending the elegance of timeless pieces with contemporary trends. Take fruitwood furniture, for example; the richness of this type of wood has been used for generations. It has been crafted into classics, which speak to its luxurious and exclusive feel.

Fruitwood itself offers homeowners warmth, durability and authenticity. Its natural beauty is undeniable, which is why it pairs so well with the modern design aesthetics of today.

Below, we explore all the ways to use fruitwood furniture in your home.

An Antiquities Balance

Fruitwood certainly has a charming look, taking you back to a time of refinement. But bringing it into a new, contemporary space requires careful consideration. Our 100% solid timber pieces can help you mix these two design styles without feeling like an odd vintage chair in your home. Our custom furniture allow you to use such a lasting type of wood but with a refreshing twist.

Fine Form and Function

Homeowners often confuse the two, but form and function actually serve different purposes. Form brings together a space, whereas function adds practically. Luckily, fruitwood furniture can work for both. Console tables can provide storage and uplift your entryway or dining room. Coffee tables, while creating balance in your living room, still have purpose too.

Tone and Colour Cohesion

With its warmer natural tones, fruitwood can be highly versatile, making it the ideal timber of choice to be used in almost every room of your home. It is helpful in a number of ways.

For example, when used to complement the rest of the space – like a buffet or office desk – it creates a lovely flow. But it can also prove to be a focal point when used for a finely crafted dining room table to draw attention.

This distinct timber species has an almost eternal charm and is as multifaceted as it is adaptable. It resonates with modern interior design trends so well because it’s easy to work with. fruitwood furniture is a compelling consideration to keep in mind when putting together your home.

Create warmth and sophistication in your space with Naturally Timber. Inviting, stylish and unmistakably Australian, our fruitwood furniture range is to be coveted. Learn more about our made-to-order process today.

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