Furniture should provide function, form, appeal, and lasting value. Satisfying all of these in one finely crafted piece is how heirlooms are born. But, without superior quality materials, even the best design and craftsmanship can fall short of these levels. Because all serious craftsman want to create works which stand the test of time while in daily use they constantly seek out the materials necessary to achieve their goal. This happens in Australia, to be exported around the world, with the creation of a selection of well crafted river red gum furniture.

Native to Australia these trees are formidable in withstanding harsh conditions and providing shelter and shade to any creature passing by. Since they are a slow growth tree, the patterns created by their growth lines, intersecting branches, and unique experiences are among the most beautiful of all species in the Eucalyptus family to which they belong. Even growing some of the most mesmerizing burls, a section of growth where large or multiple branches divide from the main trunk of the tree, results in a select few specimens. Expert craftsman and materials buyers know how to look for and find these anomalies to create superior works of art.

Uniqueness in characteristics of the wood used to construct furniture pieces can also lead to flaws in the same furniture. When a craftsman knows how to read the grain and look for unique designs they also know how to look for inconsistencies that would lead to a fault. Selecting a wood to build, for example, a river red gum dining table, takes a keen eye. This beautiful, richly colored, tightly grained wood provides a perfect canvas for the artist to create each piece with highly individual characteristics. And because this is a tightly grained wood, it is one of the highest quality natural Australian furniture building material.

Patterns created by the grain and growth anomalies are what give each piece its own appeal. On larger pieces like a river red gum boardroom table the results can be breathtaking. From the burling created by limbs, knots and even damage to the tree during its life to the meandering patterns of the grain itself the patterns, when properly chosen and well placed, are the real secret to the birth of an heirloom. It’s almost a giggle to think of business professionals working at such a table and getting lost in the luxurious appearance instead of paying attention to their meeting.

Having such a piece in your collection, whether in your home, school, business, or place of worship, is almost a requirement. There is no wood exactly like this and once you have seen it in person, and have fallen in love with it, you will be able to identify it from large distances and it will always be a joy to behold. Start your collection today perhaps with a keenly finished river red gum sideboard to compliment your existing setting. You will be glad you did and your visitors will be jealous!