Looking To Buy Best Quality Timber Furniture? Here’s A Quick Checklist To Drive Your Decision

Timber furniture is an investment for a lifetime, and you want to make sure that you invest in the best quality furniture items on the market. Whether it’s just a simple wooden desk for your home office or custom bedroom furniture for your personal space where you unwind after a long day, you shouldn’t compromise on quality. 

Despite the fact that you might be a bargain hunter, it pays to invest in well-crafted furniture that is of high quality using natural timbers, that can withstand routine wear and tear and survive many years of heavy use.

So, how can you differentiate between a piece of furniture that’s made to last a season and one that’s made to last a lifetime? Here we have a few tips for you to consider when buying custom timber furniture for your home or office. 

Whether you are looking to buy wooden dining tables, coffee table or bedroom furniture, the following tips should serve as a guiding light to drive your decision. 

Let’s have a look and find out what major considerations you need to make to end up with the best quality furniture.


Opt For Timber Furniture Items That Use High-Quality Wood

quality timber furniture making

When buying wooden furniture, the quality of the timber used obviously defines the quality of the product. Generally, wood furniture is made of solid wood, veneers, composite wood or particle boards. Let’s quickly run you through each of them.

  • Solid Wood: This type of wood is generally more expensive, but it will last many years. Wooden furniture pieces are usually made with craftsmanship and expertise, so you are investing in high quality.
  • Veneers: Veneers are made using inexpensive wood at the base, with multiple thin layers of some better-quality wood covering the base. Due to the core being made of inexpensive wood, they are relatively inexpensive compared to solid wood.
  • Composite Wood Or Particle Boards: They combine wood pulp, resin, and plastics, making them the cheapest option out there with a decent look. Remember, however, that they don’t last long.

Quality definitely lies in the solid wood and, despite being a little expensive, the solid wood bedroom suites and other furniture will pay you back for years to come.

Another choice is whether you should buy furniture made of hardwood or softwood. Generally, hardwood furniture is more long-lasting because the wood is dense and can sustain heavy-duty use. So, whether you need a timber dining table or custom bedroom furniture, go for items made of hardwoods like West Australian Marri,Tasmanian Blackwood, River Red Gum, West Australian Jarrah, American Oak, or  American Walnut.


Closely Observe The Quality Of Workmanship

Even if you have top-quality wood, the build quality of a piece of furniture determines how good it is and how long it is going to last. If your coffee table furniture, for instance, is held together with nails or staples, it is not a quality piece and won’t last the test of time. On the contrary, screws and dowels make for the best joints that lay the foundation of top-quality furniture.

Besides, check to see how well a piece of furniture is structured. Make sure that the seams are a snug fit and that nothing wobbles or creaks. Open the doors and drawers, check the hinges, and ensure that everything works smoothly and is fitted to perfection. Low-quality furniture is often characterized by screws sticking out, unfinished seams, and messy finishing of the areas that aren’t usually visible.

For a quick assessment of the quality of craftsmanship, you should:

  •  Look for more dowels and screws in the assembly than nails and glue
  • Check spring quality and see if they are close together
  • Get a feel of the sides and back of chairs and couches to check for reinforcements
  • Ensure that the upholstery fits well with the seams 


Check The Composition Quality of Upholstered Furniture

When buying a chair or sofa with removable cushions, don’t forget to unzip the seat cover and take a closer look inside. There should be foam wrapped in cotton, Dacron, or a protective cover. Foam-only cushions tend to be less comfortable and less durable. When buying new furniture, don’t forget to ask about the seat foam’s density rating. The heavier, the better.

The fabric used should be a high-quality one as luxurious materials tend to be more comfortable and long-lasting. Opt for furniture with stain-resistant fabrics, especially, if you have kids at home.


timber furnitureA Quick Checklist To Assess Timber Furniture Quality

If you want to quickly assess the quality of a piece of furniture, here’s a furniture shopping checklist that will make your decision a lot easier.


 The Good:

  • Solid wood
  • Plywood with 9+ layers


The Bad:

  • Thin plywood, fiberboard, pressboard,
  •  Knots and cracks
  •  Soft surfaces



The Good:

  • Dovetail or mortise and tenon joints
  • Reinforcing corner blocks
  • Screws or dowels


The Bad:

  •  Nails and staples
  •  Visible glue



 The Good:

  • Floating bottoms, dust panels
  • Metal glide rails
  • Stops


The Bad:

  • Wood-on-wood sliding rails



The Good:

  •  Even and level with the floor


The Bad:

  • Twists
  • Wobbles
  • Creaks



The Good:

  • Hand-tied coil springs
  • Even resistance, close together


The Bad:

  •  Springs placed more than several inches apart

This quick checklist gives you a clear picture of what’s good about a quality piece of timber furniture and the warning signs you should watch out for. 

Even if you’re not a wood furniture expert, you can quickly decide on the quality of a piece of furniture by assessing it against the good and the bad mentioned above. 

Want to cut the hassle? Naturally Timber is a name you can trust. Whether you need a custom office desk, custom dining tables, or custom bedroom furniture, they have a wide assortment of top-quality furniture pieces on offer. Start exploring now!

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