Ponte di Venezia wall 4 art provides an intimate look at a charming scene.

Imagine passing along the lovely landscape along the glistening canals of Venice.The Ponte di Venezia presents a peaceful setting that is guaranteed to make any room look gorgeous. A black and white photograph arrives framed in handsome black bronze. The image showcases part of a canal with an arced bridge in the distance.

Rows of balconies adorned in wrought iron railing hover above while quaint buildings form a solid backdrop. Wrought iron railing covers both sides in exquisite scrollwork. A row of solid buildings and windows can be viewed along one side.

This black and white photograph is framed in textured black bronze outer frame with a tortoise shell finish inner frame.

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Alan Blaustein is a location and studio photographer specializing in commercial and fine art photography. He has developed a flourishing career photographing for corporate, advertising, and editorial use.

His unique style of image making has successfully crossed over, bringing a fine art photography approach to his commercial photography.

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 600 W x 0 D x 600 H