Ready-Made vs. Custom Desks – Pros and Cons

Ah yes, the eternal dilemma. For decades now, both craftsmen and those who are not have had a hard time deciding between ready-made desks and custom ones. And with technological advancements, this dichotomy is more apparent than ever. So, which type of wooden table should you choose and why?


Unfortunately, deciding upon either one is much more complex than your average ‘this or that’ situation. With decades of experience in crafting Australian wood furniture, we’ve seen various trends come and go. Thus, we put a lot of thought into the whole dilemma and decided to help you out a bit. 


Below, we’ll break down both types of wooden desks, and present the most significant pros and cons. Pitting these two crafting techniques against one another is the best way to make the right choice. Let’s see what each of them has to offer. 


Ready-Made Desks 


What’s a ready-made desk, anyway? Well, ready-made furniture is based on a single design and mass-produced in just about any quantity the factory seems fit. These desks are most often seen in commercial showrooms of big chains, such as IKEA. Without a doubt, they are popular, but not as nearly as 20 years ago. By looking at the pros and cons, you’ll be able to determine whether you should buy one or not. 


  • Pros 


The most significant advantage of ready-made desks is efficiency. Since you can already see the design online or in a store, you can picture it in your home. Therefore, it’s easy to plan around these desks, regardless of the purpose. Also, if you place an order, all the company has to do is wrap it up and ship it to you. 


There’s also the pricing-related part. You’re picking an existing design that has already been made in thousands of copies, so there’s no extra work to be done. Package deals exist, as well. Ready-made tables come with chairs and other accessories, which results in an overall lower price. 


  • Cons 


It’s notoriously hard to find the right fit when buying a ready-made desk in Australia. You might like the colour, but the size doesn’t fit. You might like the size, but the materials might be off. There’s almost always a tradeoff, so you’re technically forced to calculate instead of just purchasing a desk that you wholeheartedly love. 


The lack of durability is also a major issue. Big factories strive to make their desks as fast as possible and sell as many of them. To cut costs, they resort to using cheap plywood or pressboard. While your new piece of furniture might seem like a beaut, it won’t survive the wear and tear as well as a custom-made desk. 


You might encounter situations where the model you want is out of stock. With custom desks, you always know that the piece you want will be made exactly how you want it. So, you can get an approximate date at all times. With ready-made furniture, you never know. The desks you want might not even be made at the moment, especially if it’s a limited series edition or if the particular piece isn’t popular anymore. 


And honestly, do you really want to have the same desk as everyone else? Ready-made desks come in just 2-3 colour variations, if even that. Therefore, they are not unique and don’t have a particular style.


Custom-Made Desks 


Custom-made furniture isn’t just an expression of extravagance anymore. On the contrary – more and more homeowners opt for bespoke desks due to their many advantages. While ready-made solutions can be serviceable, we believe you shouldn’t take unnecessary risks. Moreover, it doesn’t mean that custom-made desks aren’t without their flaws. Still, they are far outnumbered by the benefits. 


  • Pros 


Buying a custom-made desk isn’t your everyday addition to the premises. Instead, it reflects your home or office. You don’t need to compromise about anything. Whether it’s the colour, the size, or any sort of details, companies like Naturally Timber can turn your wishes into reality. Even if you have specific needs, there’s nothing that can’t be done with a pair of hands and a reliable set of tools. 


Sturdiness is another reason why you should go bespoke. By knowing your exact wants and needs, craftsmen can use strong timber species and apply special finishes. Buying furniture isn’t a fad, it’s an investment. So, it’s no wonder that Australian custom-made desks last much, much longer than their ready-made counterparts. 


You can also come up with whole new styles by opting for custom wooden furniture. For instance, if you have a certain colour in mind, you can easily buy a kitchen bench to match. While it does take a bit of time to put together, such a solution will make you want to invite your rellies more than ever before. 


  • Cons 


One of the biggest issues homeowners face is that custom desks take a long time to arrive. Since the craftsmen have to come up with a design from scratch and make everything, 4-6 weeks is the minimum waiting time for any order. Still, even though you might be in a hurry to furnish your new house, it’s worth the wait. 


Affordability is another aspect in which ready-made and custom desks differ. Making things in bulk is always cheaper, as the same specifications are used over and over again. While having a desk custom-made costs more, it won’t experience devaluation as it ages. Unique and carefully made pieces can always be resold for a pretty penny. 


Which One Should I Choose? 


Obviously, you’re going to have to make a decision at the end of the day. Personally, we would advise you to always choose a custom desk made out of Australian wood. By making this choice, you’re not just furnishing your home – you’re making an investment. Furniture is much more than just objects. The right set of colours, shapes and proper placing can reinvigorate your flat or house. 


Also, you will be supporting domestic small businesses. Even though it takes a while to arrive, you can rest assured that your Naturally Timber desk will be there just the way you want it. It’s just the first step in remodelling your interior, and we would love to be a part of that process. Call us and request a quote to get started. 

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