The Desk Edition: The Right Fit For Your Office

Hybrid working has become the norm, and more and more companies are going this route. With that, you are likely looking at ways to upgrade your own space, going with custom office furniture to make it more productive for years to come.

But with modern minimalistic trends becoming more popular these days, many of us are pushing for ultra-organised and functional pieces. This makes choosing the right desk that much harder because you are probably debating between a traditional office desk and a corner desk.

Let’s take a look at what both options have to offer you to help you make the best decision for your home.

Corners Table: Functional To A Point

Corner desks are quickly becoming the go-to for homeowners who need to maximise their space. The limited floor-to-wall ratio will leave you feeling like this is the best option. It is a compounded solution and creates a snug work environment. But the disadvantage of a corner desk, as the name implies, is that it only works in a corner. This means you won’t be able to rearrange your furniture in the future. Additionally, if you move homes, it can be difficult to take your new purchase with you.

Traditional Desks: Conventionally Timeless

Traditional desks still work because they have versatility that has lasted years. It is functional and can create a central point in any room. But it can also be moved to the sides of walls to add more space. With more surface space than corner desks, you can easily have spreadsheets open, architectural plans, or multiple devices, making it the better choice for improved productivity and efficiency.

But the con with traditional desks, if mass-produced, is that they can actually make a small office space feel even smaller. The solution to this, though, is to choose quality custom office furniture. Tailored to your space and your specific needs, these proved to be more functional in the long run.

Upgrade your workspace with custom office furniture from our meticulously crafted range over at Naturally Timber. Make your space completely yours; get in touch with us to get started.

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