The Perfect Bookcase To Style Your Space

Contempo Bookcase in Fijian Mahogany stained PeacanA wooden bookcase can be a great way to add storage to your home, and you can also use them to display decoration pieces and any other items you may like. However, if you have ever experienced living in a tiny studio or apartment, you’d know it can get really hard to fit one in. 

A stylish bookcase can add personality to any space in your home, and if you can choose the right one, it will be a welcome addition to any space.

Let’s have a look at some possible spaces that can host your wooden bookcases and what type of bookshelves would be appropriate for a stylish finish. 

Wooden Bookcase in the Living Room

Bookshelves in living rooms aren’t just about adding storage to the space, but they are more about imparting a new element of style into one of the most commonly used areas in the home. So, you have to be spot on with your choice. 

If you have the luxury of space, go for a wall-mounted bookcase over the buffet, and it will look great when filled with books and some beautiful décor pieces. For spacious living areas, a stylish free standing Contempo Display Bookcase can also be a perfect pick. 

If you have one big room with an open concept layout, you might very well want to add a bookcase to serve as a room divider and create zones. You can use a large backless 5 shelf wooden bookcase with open shelves to divide spaces and define the boundaries of your living room and bedroom, for instance. 

Sturdy Bookshelf in the Home Office

Every home office needs a stylish and sturdy bookcase to display your favourite books, souvenirs, and family photos. Unique timber desks and bookcases make the focal point for this space and add great value. 

A home office can benefit from a standard large, single-piece bookcase with horizontal shelving. You can also opt for modular bookcases that often look like cube-based configurations. Or, maybe, choose a free-standing corner design bookshelf to conserve space and display some art pieces. 

Studio open-front bookcase in Tasmanian BlackwoodStylish Bookcase in the Bedroom

Bookcases can be a timeless addition to your bedroom décor. You can get creative and use the wasted space around the windows for creating your scaled-down home library or have a built-in bedroom bookshelf behind your bedhead.

It is also a good idea to build bookshelves above and around the doorway, making full use of the wall height. Alternatively, you can add a designer touch to your bedroom with floating shelving that is not symmetrical or even linear. 

Small Wooden Bookcase in the Kids’ Room

Bookcases for the kids’ room are often best when made smaller and made using natural light toned hardwoods. For little readers who are always on the move, a bookcase on the wheels can be a great idea. 

Regardless of where you want to put your small wooden bookcase, custom bookcases are the best choice. Nothing else can serve your needs better and add more beauty to the space, so order your custom bookshelf tailored to your space, and make it shine like never before!

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