Things to Know Before Buying Wooden Dining Table

Purchasing a new wooden dining table in Sydney is much more than filling a hole in your house. Unlike minor accessories, a table can tie the whole room together and make everything look dazzling. That’s why you should take your time when shopping for a custom wood dining table. There are a lot of things you have to consider before adding that missing piece.

Don’t worry though, Naturally Timber has your back. Not only do we specialise in making furniture from locally sourced materials, but we’re also happy to guide you on your quest for a new wooden dining table.

Today, we’ll discuss all the bits and pieces related to this endeavour. Once you’re done reading, you can reach out to us and share your wishes. But first, let’s take a look at the basics, shall we?

Measure Out the Room

Before you move on to the actual shopping phase, you need to know what you’re working with. When you’re superficially looking at your dining room, it’s not that hard to figure out the approximate space at your disposal. If the room is around 20 square metres, you’re not going to decide to buy a dining table for 12 people, right?

Certainly. That’s why you need to whip out the tape measure and find out the exact surface of the room, down to a square centimetre. Of course, not all dining rooms are rectangular, so you should also consider nooks. While they (obviously) won’t be able to house your new wooden dining table, you must account for every bit of free dining space possible. It will come in handy for manoeuvring your other pieces of dining room furniture.

Think About the Purpose of Your Wooden Dining Table

Now that you know what dimensions to aim for, ask yourself this – what will I be using the table for? When you’re buying a custom-made timber dining table, you aren’t a slave to pre-made features. Therefore, we can easily consider your needs and deliver a table that’s tailor-made just for you.

If you intend to organise social events, you should look for a larger model. Sure, it might feel empty when you’re having dinner alone, but it will make housing mates hassle-free. You know the drill already – taking out dining chairs and reorganising the whole dining room and putting things back together is defo annoying.

For people without such needs, we would recommend a smaller size. Even though you have space for a larger Australian wooden dining table, there’s no need to clog up the room with empty dining seats. However, you should always have one seat more than there are members of your household. You never know when a rellie might drop by.

Also, the purpose of the table affects the finish we’ll put on it. If there are going to be lots of coldies involved, a durable and easy-to-clean finish is a must. You don’t want permanent stains, as they can ruin the whole concept of the dining area.

Manhattan dining table in American Oak timberChoose the Right Australian Timber 

Since we operate in the Sydney area, we are in a unique position to source timber from all over the country. If you didn’t know, Australia is home to some of the most famous and sought-after timber species in the world. Furniture makers constantly praise the River Red Gum and Tasmanian Blackwood species, mainly due to their unique look and sturdiness.

Colour is, of course, the most important factor here. But don’t forget about the pattern, as the right one can add a whole different feel to the whole dining area. Most people opt for straight lines, but V shapes like that of the American Oak are rising in popularity nowadays.

To make sure you’ve made the right decision, give us a call. Our experts are not only adept at making furniture, but we also have a significant amount of experience with all sorts of spaces. Additionally, all our timber is naturally felled, reclaimed, or grown on special plantations. This makes Naturally Timber dining tables not only dazzling but also ethically sourced.

Nevaeh Twin Slab Dining Table in Camphor Laurel

Decide on a Table Shape for Your Wooden Dining Table

Custom-made wooden dining tables can come in all shapes and sizes. The right shape can round out the entire interior, while the wrong one can mess things up. So, what should you do? Well, there’s a useful maxim our crafters go by. It goes something like this:

  • If the room is square, circular or square dining tables will fit right in.
  • If the room is rectangular, ovals and rectangles are the way to go.

The truth is, you don’t need to buy everything new to make your dining area feel cosy. Just by playing with shapes, you can breathe new life into a new room. However, as seen in our Signature Series, we are also more than willing to work with unorthodox shapes.

Also, it’s worth thinking about your seating preferences. Do you like eating your meals turned towards the windows or not? Are you in need of having things within reach? By writing down your needs, you will quickly realise what shape you need and how well it will work with the rest of your furniture.

What About Accessories? 

Buying a handcrafted wooden dining table is just the beginning of your journey, believe it or not. While the table is the most important piece, you need other pieces of furniture and accessories when designing your dining area. It’s also important to find a style that suits you, as it can improve the atmosphere as you start to feel more comfortable in these new surroundings.

Are you a minimalist or a rustic kind of person? Once you zero in on a sturdy, wooden dining table, you can plan everything else around it. This makes picking out dining chairs, accessories, and even plants easier. Have this on your mind when you’re picking out your next wooden dining table.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call. It’s completely free and we can consult you on anything, regardless if you have your mind made up or not. Let’s make your lovely home even more lovely.

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