Timber is a proven renewable resource, making it sustainable unlike other building materials which contribute to global warming.Timber has the lowest embodied energy compared to other conventional building materials. A ton of kiln dried sawn timber uses less energy compared to a ton of another building material.

To cite a few examples: four times more energy is needed to produce bricks, five times more energy is needed to produce concrete, six times more energy is needed to produce glass, twenty-four times more energy is needed to produce steel and 126 times more energy is needed to produce aluminum. But here we are going to focus on the Australian timber furniture marketand its benefits.

Up to 50% of the weight of dry timber is made up of carbon taken through photosynthesis out of the atmosphere. Trees produce up to ¾ of a ton of oxygen for every cubic meter of growth.Up to 70% of the developed or first world homes are made from timber due to energy savings.

Timber is a natural insulator and is five times better than concrete, ten times better than brick and 350 times better than steel.

UsingNatural Timber Furniture has several key benefits

  • Beautiful: You can take advantage of the natural features of timber including grain and colouring. Every timber has its own distinct features allowing it to be varied and unique. It can also be shaped providing the option for details such as mouldings, turned legs, bevelled edges beading on doors and drawers.
  • Longevity: Becausetimber furniture is repairable and beautiful it will last and be loved for generations, thus becoming a family heirloom.
  • Repairable: It can be repaired from most damage. There are products like Howards Restor-A-Finish that can be applied to the timber surface to blend out scratches and water marks. Dints and gouges can be filled with special wax to return the surface to smooth and often are a range of colours to better match the furniture stain. It can be damaged resulting in splinters and chips coming off. These can be glued back on (and clamped if necessary). Finally, as a last resort, solid timber furniture can be stripped back completely and re-finished to return it to as new condition.
  • Sustainable material: The timber used in furniture can be sourced from plantations, which are grown specifically for commercial use. These are often sustainably managed providing an environmentally friendly source of timber. With the total costs of manufacturing a piece of furniture combined, it costs less and produces less CO2 emissions to make furniture out of timber than any other material. Because trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store this in their wood, timber is often referred to as a carbon store.

Timber furniture waste such as sawdust, bark, plank off cuts are also utilized. For example: fuel pellets for heating, bedding for livestock and poultry farmers.

Timber increases in value on a yearly basis and therefore will increase the value of your home or other investment.

The list is endless due to new technologies and studies that are proving timber is becoming the best safe, sustainable and natural raw material. Studies are also proving that it is healthier to have wood in your living space as it creates a feeling of comfort, contempt and it is environmentally friendly.

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