From the first fleet until now, there have been wooden sideboards in Sydney. They are a very practical and essential part of the dining area of most houses. Normally used to store the cutlery and crockery that is used for the purpose of dining, and usually situated in the dining area of a home, they have also migrated in some smaller houses that do not have separate dining rooms, to the lounge room, then get the name changed to buffet, and store the family heirloom crystal and china and cutlery.

One can imagine walking into the dining rooms of the grand mansions such as Kirribilli House, and the sideboard would take pride of place in the dining room, beside the very grand dining table and chairs, where the staff are busily setting up for the next meal of high ranking guests orare clearing the remains of the last meal. The sideboard would have a tray placed on the top to allow the crockery to be delivered to the kitchen for washing then returned to the wooden sideboard for storage.

The antique timber sideboard would be a good find, especially one that has come from a historical home. They are usually very elaborately decorated, depending on the era they have come from, some have been imported from England in the early days of Australian settlement, which makes them even more valuable.

Timber sideboards in Sydney in the antique range are becoming harder to come by, as there is a trend now to manufacture the same article in the style of the ancient craftsmen, thus giving the classic look using modern construction. There are a few craftsmen who use the old fashioned techniques still. At Naturally Timber, Sydney timber sideboards are crafted with care to add a touch of uniqueness to each piece.
A more modern art nouveau buffet (sideboard) could be constructed from plywood (still timber butwill not have as much character), or even there could be a trend to go to the cleaner, more modern lines of plastic and stainless steel in the genre of furniture to match these large open space style homes of today, but nothing beats the homely feel and the old world charm of a timber piece.

Again the techno age is catching up with furniture shopping. With the internet, one can explore all the possibilities and tastes in the furniture that is needed and catalogues are available for buying all furniture including sideboards. Sideboards can be madeof any material, especially timber sideboards are a very large and heavy item, so the freight costs that are needed to be imposed by the seller need to be taken into consideration when purchasing a sideboard online from a trusted seller like Naturally Timber.