Timber Sofa – a Must-Have Piece of Furniture

When we decide to buy a new piece of furniture for our home, we all want to have a comfortable and durable item. Most people usually choose wooden furniture, because there is no better way to create a homely and welcoming feeling in any room.


One of the most popular pieces of furniture for every living room is a timber sofa. Since it should be cozy and visually appealing at the same time, most people dedicate so much time and energy to find the right one. The process of finding a perfect sofa for your home starts with defining what style and type you want. Another important aspect is the size of the room, so you can determine how compact or spacious your new piece of furniture should be. 


So, after you take all of the above-mentioned elements into consideration, you will be able to find a sofa that will perfectly suit your needs and your interior. If you’re still wondering why so many people decide to buy exactly this type of furniture for their home, below you will find just some of the reasons for that. 


Hardwood Construction Will Ensure Your Sofa Lasts for Years


One of the best things about timber sofa is that its construction is made of hardwood so you can be sure that is very durable. It can be constructed out of many different timber species like ash or blackwood.


Timber Sofas are Supported with Quality Joints


Most of the available pieces of furniture are solely held together with staples, nails and glue. These elements are used to support the frame, but they should not be the main feature of your timber sofa’s construction, because it could fall apart for a very short time. Still, most of the quality wooden sofa’s are supported with mortise-and-tenon joints, such as the ones that Naturally Timber offers. 


There is a Wide Range of Quality Filling for Timber Sofas


Besides hardwood construction, you will be able to choose between different types of cushion fillings. The most common filling is the one made of polyurethane foam, but it can quickly deteriorate due to regular use. The best option is a high-resilient (HR) foam. 


You Can Choose Between Different Types of Fabrics


Depending on your taste and interior design, you will be able to select the type of fabric that suits you best. In case you are looking for a material that is easy to clean, you should consider timber sofas with microfiber or leather coatings. There are also sofas covered in linen and cotton fabrics, and these are durable and quality materials. 


Timber Sofas Suit Any Lifestyle


No matter if you have a large family and small kids, or you live alone and love to gather your friends frequently, timber sofa is the piece of furniture you simply need to have in your home. They come in different shapes and sizes, so you can select the one that offers the number of seats you need. It is hard to find a piece of furniture that can fit different needs and lifestyles, but wooden sofas is always an excellent choice.


A Timber Sofa is a Contemporary Piece of Furniture


It is not unusual that people sometimes want to change the interior of their homes. Even a minor change like the new colour of the walls can make a huge difference and change the visual appeal of your interior. Sometimes, we want to buy a new bookcase or a coffee table, and no matter what you decide to change, you can be sure that your timber sofa will fit any style and interior design.


This means that when you invest in a quality wooden sofa, you will not have to worry whether it will look that good in future, because these items are made to last. Sure, you will have to be cautious and select reliable furniture manufacturers, because that is the only way to get premium quality products. We at Naturally Timber have a long-lasting tradition of crafting different types of furniture from sofas, to dining room furniture, bookcases, coffee tables and many other things.


Are You Looking for a Perfect Timber Sofa for Your Home?


If you are looking for a quality and beautiful timber sofa for your home, we suggest you take a look at Naturally Timber online furniture store. You will be able to see different models and select the one you like the most. We pay attention to every detail, and you can be sure that your new piece of furniture will be delivered to your address undamaged and as soon as possible. 


In case that you want to try out the sofas and see them before you make the final decision, you can visit our store anytime you like. Our dedicated staff will be there to show you the models you are interested in, explain their characteristics and suggest the best options within your budget. 


You can be sure that we work only with high-quality materials, and that we use the best tactics to ensure that the construction of our timber sofas will remain in excellent condition no matter how long it has been used. We will show you why so many people decided to show us their trust over the past years, and we promise that you won’t regret it. 


We will be happy to make your home even more comfortable, welcoming and beautiful with our extraordinary furniture, so feel free to get in touch with us at any time. In case you have some concerns or questions, you can contact us via the live chat on our website, and we guarantee that you will receive a detailed and prompt answer. You can also give us a call at 1300 560 936 and speak with one of our courteous customers’ representatives. We will be more than happy to provide professional consultation and help you find the pieces of furniture you’ve always wanted to have in your home.

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