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Transform Your Bedroom with our range of Custom 100% Solid Timber Furniture – Express Your Unique Style.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, a reflection of your personality. Whether spacious or cozy, your bedroom décor should bring you peace and comfort.

Explore our complete collection of bespoke wooden bedroom furniture below, or shop in-stock bedroom furniture online or in-store. Contact us for more information.

Why Choose Custom Timber Bedroom Furniture?

From beds to bedside cabinets, chests, tallboys, and wardrobes, your bedroom furniture should be synonymous with comfort and function. You need to create just the right atmosphere in your bedroom that gives you a relaxing feeling and a restful space. And, it can only be achieved with furniture that is designed especially for you!

Whether you find solace in something chic and modern or you need a laid-back rustic feel, custom furniture will transform your bedroom altogether.

With custom furniture, you can expect:

No Compromises on functionality

When you try to furnish your bedroom space with whatever you find at a furniture store, you’ll have to make compromises on furniture utility and usefulness. But when you get the furniture pieces custom-designed for your space, you can maximise their functionality in certain ways.

Custom furniture not only gives you expansive storage within a limited space, but it also fits well with your bedroom décor. It is tailored precisely to your needs and can focus on elements that you want to highlight.

Your custom bedroom furniture can even feature unique design elements to create a unique appeal. For instance, you can add lighting within the cabinets for adding a touch of elegance and creating a gentle ambience in your bedroom at night.

Quality materials specifically chosen to meet your needs

When you opt for custom furniture, you’re in the driver’s seat. Everything is designed to meet your individual requirements, and you can rest assured that only high-quality materials will be used throughout.

There is no need to settle for cheaper, flimsier, and sometimes toxic materials that most conventional manufacturers use. Choose superior woods, fabrics, finishes, and accessories, and have each piece designed to fit in your bedroom décor.

With solid Australian hardwoods such as Victorian Ash and Western Australian Jarrah and imported hardwoods like American Oak and American Walnut available for your custom order, your bedroom furniture will stay beautiful for many years.

Everything is unique and tailored for your home

It often feels uncomfortable to find out that one of your friends or family members has the same furniture as you. With custom bedroom furniture, you get the opportunity to lend a special touch to your personal space. Choosing the right bedroom furniture and decor should not only make a style statement and create a relaxing environment but it should also reflect your distinctive personality. Everything custom-designed for you is truly unique, it speaks of your personality and individuality.

Naturally Timber brings you an array of options to choose from, and our craftsmen impart their creativity and skill into each piece they custom-design for you. We bring you everything from custom timber bed frames to custom-designed wardrobes that will add a bit of pizzazz to your personal space.

Custom Timber Bed Frames

Built to meet your unique requirements, our custom timber bed frames are not just made solid and sturdy, but they also fit your rooms regardless of how small or big the space is. Of course, you don’t want to make your personal space look crowded and a visual mess. Custom timber bed frames should be the solution for you. Made using high-quality West Australian Marri, Tasmanian Blackwood, American Oak, Walnut and other woods, these custom-designed pieces will match your personal style.

Bedside Tables

Bedside tables are a must-have for your personal space, and they really anchor a modern bedroom. An integral part of a bedroom suite, they not only provide you with the storage space you need but also complement the overall bedroom décor. You need something to accompany your bedroom’s focal point, and nothing can do that better than your custom bedside tables.

Chests & Tallboys

Your master bedroom would be incomplete without chests, tallboys and low-boys, custom-designed for your personal sanctuary. A quality piece offers you ample storage to keep all your clothing and other items organized and out of sight while also providing a surface top to display some of your favourite treasures. Invest in high-quality bedroom furniture and let it serve both aesthetics and function.


Your personalised bedroom needs a wardrobe that not only offers ample storage but also complements the bedroom décor. With a wide variety of storage options, you can easily settle for something that expresses your personal style and meets your specific requirements.

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