Custom Timber Dining Tables

At Naturally Timber, our select range of solid timber dining tables are designed to elevate your dining experience. Whether you are a small family or a party of twelve, you will find a custom wooden dining table to suit your home and lifestyle.

Our custom solid timber dining tables allow you to express your style with the natural beauty of carefully selected timbers, all with stunning colour, grain pattern and resilience. Whether you have a specific size, style, or shape, our team of design experts and master craftsmen are ready to bring your vision to life!

Our design collections, both traditional and contemporary, showcase more than 36 years of local craftsmanship, and our burl and slab tables boast unique and natural beauty.

If you’re after dining chairs, we customise the upholstery and stain of those too!

A Custom Timber Dining Table for Your Home

If you have been hunting for the right dining table for your home, but have been unable to find the perfect fit, allow our bespoke dining table designs to win you over. You may even find your next family heirloom piece!

When we craft our custom timber dining tables in Sydney, we use a carefully selected array of woods, each with its look and feel that won’t just outlast your average run-of-the-mill wooden dining table but will outperform them. The natural beauty and warmth of timber and its durability make it a timeless choice for your dining setting.

With solid Australian hardwood timbers such as Red River Gum, Victorian Ash, Tasmanian Blackwood and Western Australian Jarrah and imported hardwoods like American Oak and American Walnut available for your custom order, your wood dining room table will stay beautiful for many years to come.

Our custom-built furniture, including our extensive range of wooden dining tables, is handcrafted using trees that have been naturally felled, reclaimed or grown on accredited plantations to ensure the preservation of natural flora and fauna.

Whether it’s your coffee table, bed, office desk or dining furniture, all of our custom wood furniture is made with the quality and style that is specially made for you!

FAQs about Custom Timber Dining Tables

What types of custom timber dining tables do you make?

Our handmade dining tables in Sydney come in different designs, styles, shapes, and sizes. The common types of wooden dining room tables we have in store include:

4-Leg Dining Tables

Four-legged tables are arguably the most common table design, and it isn’t hard to see why! Besides being beautifully simplistic, they offer the added advantage of flexible chair spacing and the joy of not navigating your feet around a base. Four-leg dining tables work for all shapes and top sizes from rectangles, squares and round, to more organic shapes like oval tops.

Pedestal Dining Tables

If the table you are looking for is not a four-legged design, chances are it is a pedestal design. A pedestal table is any design where the leg is a central plinth tucked away from the table’s edge. Whether you prefer a square or round timber dining table, Naturally Timber has popular pedestal wood dining table designs, such as ‘Madrid’, ‘Atlanta’, ‘Edo’, and ‘Lloyd’, that you can choose from.

A well-designed pedestal table will ensure that the leg does not interrupt people’s feet when seated and that chairs can be tucked in fully. It is often tricky to find such a pedestal table off the shelf, which is why customising the leg design of your wooden pedestal table to perfectly suit your requirements is the best solution.

I can’t see the style I like, can you make a custom timber dining table just for me?

Perhaps you want an American Walnut table in a specific shape and size or a Red River Gum table with a particular type of leg and stain. We understand that one size rarely fits all, so we craft custom hardwood furniture to suit you, your home and your lifestyle. We proudly design and manufacture your custom timber dining tables in Australia. Whether you prefer traditional, farmhouse or modern dining tables, contact us to discuss how we can bring life to your style and ideas!

How long can I expect the order process to take?

We offer bespoke furniture with the added perk of a quick turnaround time! The lead time for custom furniture orders is approximately 6 – 8 weeks. Please contact us for the current production lead time.

Get your dining sets at Naturally Timber! Find tables and chairs in various styles and sizes to suit your space. Click on the images below for details and variations on each design and to purchase online or visit our showroom in Sydney. Contact us for more information.

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