Timber Coffee Tables

If you’re an avid coffee drinker, find great joy in entertaining, or simply want to bring a living space together, a beautiful timber coffee table just makes sense.

Our timber coffee tables are a true labour of love: each and every one is hand-crafted by our experienced carpenters from a range of gorgeous hardwoods, chosen for their workability, visual appeal and lustre. Better still, our timber coffee tables are highly customisable: they can be made in any size, and many designs have the option to add drawers for additional storage capacity.

We know that you’ll fall in love with your custom Naturally Timber coffee table – it will be a unique piece that you will admire for many years to come. And we have a wide variety of designs to suit any home’s aesthetic. In particular, our burl coffee tables exhibit a grandeur all of their own, showcasing the natural curves and grains of native timber species and lifting the ambience of the room.

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