Nest of Tables

Naturally Timber is where conventional meets the contemporary, and our range of nest tables are the perfect example. 

These handy little tables are designed to portray the Australian craft in style and can serve a variety of purposes. The nest of tables includes three differently-sized wooden tables to be placed anywhere in the house. While the bigger table can be used as your lamp table or coffee table, the smaller stacking tables are ideal for everyday use or as a surface to add beautiful decorations or keepsakes. 

In most households, the largest of the stackable tables is used as an everyday table or a display table, and it hides the smaller ones neatly underneath. It’s a smart solution to have additional surface area for occasional use without needing any extra floor space. When you don’t need the smaller tables, just tuck them away under the biggest one and simply pull them out when guests come over and you have to serve them some cakes and coffee. 

Nesting tables popularity decreased over time as furniture trends changed, but they remain a very useful and practical furniture item to have in your contemporary home. With a touch of modernity imparted into our timber nest of tables, they can be a perfect match for your contemporary décor. 
Add a Nest Of Tables to Your Bedroom SpaceYour bedroom is your personal space, and you never want to compromise on its look and feel. You want to create a soothing and delightful environment, with plenty of space and aesthetically complimentary furniture for occasional use. The good news is that you can use our wooden nest of tables in your bedroom to serve as side tables, lampstands, and even reading space for those quick reads every night. Our range of table nests features everything from traditional to contemporary, and we use select-grade woods to make sure our products are high quality and long-lasting. With top-quality timbers like American Oak and Tasmanian Blackwood used in the construction of our bedroom nest of tables, you can expect your bedroom to embrace some beautiful patterns and textures with a natural soothing effect. Save Space With Our Range Of Nest Tables For Everyday UseOf course, there’s a lot of everyday living that requires some kind of surface to work on. Whether it is your kids’ school projects or just giving them a tabletop to get creative, you need small tables for a lot of routine living. But where do you stow them away when not in use? That’s what makes a table nest one of the most practical furniture pieces to have in your home, especially when you have limited space to work with. Place them in a corner or the entryway with a beautiful vase, and pull out the smaller tables when needed. They won’t create any visual clutter and will serve the purpose effectively. 

Nesting Coffee Tables Make A Perfect Addition To Your Living Room

Nests of tables make a perfect multi-purpose furniture item for most contemporary homes, and you can put them just about anywhere. 

When it comes to modernity and a contemporary look, we have redefined the entire concept of the nest of tables, and our nesting coffee tables are worthy of any contemporary space. In fact, they will add new life to your home and create a feature with our attractive designs, beautiful patterns, and high-quality construction. 

You can pull out the smaller tables to serve different needs around your home and stack them away when not in use, making them ideal for any space in your home!

Our beautiful nests of tables are available in sets of threes, and you can set them up as needed. Compliment your décor with contemporarily vintage furniture pieces and address both your aesthetic and functional needs in style. 

Contact us today for more information to discuss our wide range of beautiful nest tables, custom made for your lifestyle.

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