Which Dining Table Shape Should You Choose?

The dining table has been one of the most beloved pieces of furniture for decades, and even today when our habits have changed and we tend to eat outside more often, it remains a special place when we meet our family and friends, and simply have a good time.


As we wish that everyone feels utterly comfortable at our dining table, we will think carefully about its overall design and characteristics. Depending on the size of your dining room or dining area, but also your lifestyle and the current interiors, you will have plenty of options to choose from. Maybe you enjoy hosting house parties and need a sizable custom dining table or prefer intimate dinners with loved ones and would gladly go for an ever-green oval timber dining table?


Whatever your answer might be, there is a perfect dining table solution for you. If you wish to learn more about the predominant dining table shapes, we suggest you stay with us as we will provide a detailed insight into it. In case you wish to get in touch with our timber dining table artisans now and get an expert’s advice for free, feel free to do so. 


Rectangular Dining Table – The Most Favourite One


One of the most preferred dining table shapes is surely a rectangular one. Ready to accommodate a small or large family and look good in both formal or relaxed gatherings, this type of dining table will serve its purpose and provide enough space for both the food and the guests. 


A rectangular dining table can also come with an extra leaf if you need to accommodate more people. In case your dining area is exceptionally large, it is a good solution to go for a custom timber dining table that will meet all your needs. The same rule applies in case you have a narrow or small dining room as your trusted custom timber artisans will come up with a perfect solution for you such as adding a custom timber buffet where the guests can serve themselves before sitting down to enjoy the meal.


When to Go with a Round Dining Table?


There is no better way to create that intimate and friendly setting than having a nice round table. As everyone can see each other easily yet have enough room to sit comfortably, these dining tables are perfect for smaller gatherings and therefore, dining areas that are not that large. 


Of course, you can select any dimensions you like with the custom round dining room options and host a large group of people too. Since they don’t have edges, round dining tables don’t restrict the number of seats, and you can also introduce a more formal atmosphere by having a refined hardwood timber round dining table and a well-organised tabletop. To let your guests have just a bit more legroom, you can go with a dining table with a pedestal base for their ultimate comfortability. 


Square Dining Table – Perfect for Any Environment


Another option for smaller dining rooms is a square dining table that may encourage everyone to participate in the conversation aside from those they are sitting next to. Ideal for long and narrow rooms or compact spaces, these dining tables will help you create that warm homey atmosphere if you go with a standard measurement for 4-6 people. 


As with the rectangular dining tables, a square one can come with an additional leaf where you can accommodate more guests but can also come in any dimension if you go with a custom square dining table option. If you have a large dining area but prefer smaller gatherings, it would be wiser to choose a square dining table over a rectangular one since the atmosphere might seem a bit off when a certain area of a rectangular table is unoccupied. 


An Oval Dining Table and Its Refined Beauty


As it is similar to a rectangular one in almost every way except for its rounded corners, an oval dining table is primarily used to enrich a larger dining area and bring refined elegance into your home. It is typically longer and narrower than a rectangular one, so it will fit into your home nicely if you have a dining area that matches the aforementioned traits of the table. 


On the other hand, the oval dining table is perfect for space optimisation thanks to its elongated shape that benefits its visual aspect. However, these tables are recommended for medium and large areas instead of small ones. They usually come with a single foot at the central base which allows people to sit better around it. Still, one of its greatest advantages is that it works well in any environment since its shape it’s a combination of both rectangular and round.


If you truly wish to enhance the appearance of your dining room and add a touch of gracefulness to it, you should consider investing in an oval timber dining table as their delicate and unique beauty will certainly serve the purpose. 


Need a Premium Quality Dining Table Made of Timber?


We at Naturally Timber have been supplying our clients with the finest custom timber dining tables for over 35 years. Our artisans put all their energy, vast experience, and knowledge into each piece’s crafting process, so you can rest assured that your custom dining table will become not just a majestic centrepiece of a room where everyone enjoys spending time, but also a timeless artwork that you can truly be proud of. 


No matter what size, dimensions or design you wish to include in the original custom timer dining room, we will make it happen. We offer a large selection of premium native Australian hardwood natural timber like River red Gum, Sydney Blue Gum and Tasmanian Blackwood, but also beloved species like American Oak or Walnut. 


Feel free to give us a call now or write us an email for some additional questions or schedule a free design consultation now in case you wish to share and hear some ideas from our experienced artisans. 

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