Which Timber is The Best for Bookshelves?

Even though we are living in a digital era, it is difficult to imagine our interiors without bookshelves. Corner or barrister, modular or ladder bookcases – the selection is still very huge, but the main thing to consider is which material will they be made from.


Depending on your home’s interior design and the effect you wish to achieve, timber gives you a chance to be as modern or traditional as you please. The versatility of the wood is so immense that you can end up having a bookcase with the most amazing patterns that makes it one of a kind. 


As we at Naturally Timber are passionate hardwood timber furniture makers, originality is what we are strongly advocating for. Each piece of wooden furniture that we have made so far is unique and almost impossible to copy, so you can rest assured that our timber bookshelf will surely enrich your home, office, cafe or hotel. 


Before you share your ideas and timber bookcase design with our professional team, it is crucial to determine which timber is the best choice for you. Therefore, we present you with some timber classics and newcomers that will serve the purpose adequately thanks to their strong and durable structure and of course, lovely appearance. 


Hardwood, Softwood or Plywood – Which One to Choose for a New Timber Bookcase?


Besides their incredible resistance, hardwood timber has a wonderful distinct grain pattern which is quite enough to mark any furniture made of it as a real piece of art. It would be impossible to pass by the hardwood bookshelf without being amazed by its unique beauty.


Hardwood timber is the most resilient one – you don’t have to worry about scratches, abrasions, dents and it is also water-resistant to some extent. On the other hand, the hardwood timber bookshelves can be quite heavy, so keep that in mind if you plan to move frequently. Of course, you can always adjust their size and height to fit your needs perfectly – barrister ones for the smaller homes, and huge modular timber bookcases for larger ones, for example. 


On the other hand, softwood is a more lightweight option that still requires care for surface strengthening while plywood is the most cost-affordable and widely used material usually made to resemble hardwood and softwood. 


We at Naturally Timber present our customers with the finest hardwood timber selection exclusively where you get to choose the desired fittings and timber stains. All you need to do is pick the preferred bookcase timber and design, and we’ll take care of the rest. We can also supply you with high-quality imported furniture from the leading overseas manufacturers, so make sure to check out our full offer now and curb the appeal of your home or office.


American Oak – Undeniably Beautiful and Strong


Besides having particularly good longevity and ability to withstand fungal attack thanks to its dense structure, custom American oak bookshelves will enrich the entire area with their eye-captivating golden-brownish colour nuances and prominent grain. 


Easily adjustable to fit any style, American oak timber bookshelves are widely used for both home libraries and offices. Whether you prefer traditional, colonial or contemporary expression, this sturdy yet easy to work with timber will indulge your needs and brighten up the room with its serene and magnificent appearance. 


The American Oak timber bookcase is more than an accessory for your living or working area since it will complement the whole furniture and showcase your private relics and book collection in the best way possible. We at Naturally Timber will hear you out and help you decide what sort of American Oak bookcase is the most adequate solution for you. Whether you like a bookshelf entirely made of wood or wish to include framed glass doors with stainless steel elements like we did with our mighty Classic System Bookcase collection – we got you covered. 


Western Australian Marri – A Real Jewel Among the Native WA Bloodwoods


Often called red gum thanks to the red protrusions seen on its trunk, WA Marri is a rare sort even though it grows in both jarrah and karri forests in the southwest. Thanks to its striking patterns, interlocked grain and warm yet bold combinations of black, creamy brown and honey, WA Marri has become the most desired timber for handcrafted furniture, especially bookshelves. 


Our Naturally Timber team offers custom WA Marri timber bookshelves solutions that will correspond perfectly with your style and storage option. Marri timber is a great selection for the modern puzzle bookshelves that don’t take up a lot of room but can also serve to cover the entire side of your house where you get to combine classical studio bookcase options with any custom design you have in mind. We’ll work closely with you to translate your vision into nothing more than a real piece of art. 


Tasmanian Blackwood – A Widespread High-Class Wood 


Due to the high levels of tannin in the timber, Tasmanian Blackwood comes with lovely chocolate and golden to dark brown notes. It has an unpredictable timber pattern that may shape the most beautiful wavy or interlocked grain that brings the wilderness of a rainforest right into your home or office. Solid and durable, yet incredibly workable, Tasmanian Blackwood timber can be used for bookcase handcrafting of any size, shape, and style. 


Find out more about investing in the best types of wood for furniture.


Even though we work tirelessly to answer the high demands for our custom timber bookshelves, you can rest assured that we at Naturally Timber don’t contribute to deforestation since the timber species we use are grown on plantations. 


Australian craftsmanship combined with the incredible attention to detail and imaginative design is what defines us, so by letting us create the highest-quality timber bookcase you are ensuring yourself a unique piece of furniture that you can truly be proud of. Therefore, contact our handcrafted custom furniture specialists today via phone or email, and give us a chance to bring in that remarkable touch of uniqueness that you always wanted. 

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