Why Custom Bed Is Worth The Investment

Every homeowner wants to add a touch of personalisation to their home. It’s how your home evokes your style, a unique identity and gives you a sense of belonging. 


Your bedroom should feel cosy, warm, relaxing, elegant and simplistic, regardless of what style of decorating you choose. Most of all it should feel personal – personal to you and your lifestyle.


The best way to get that personal touch is by adding custom bedroom furniture. 

Contempo queen bed in Tasmanian Blackwood

As the most important piece of furniture in your room is the bed, creating a custom bed is the perfect place to start your personalisation journey. Quality, durable furniture will become a mainstay in your home for years to come, and your bedroom is no exception.


Custom bedroom furniture offers a number of benefits, from best utilising the available space to adding more functional features to your bedroom. 


Here we explain why your custom bed is worth the investment.


Bespoke Designs Tailored To Your Specific Needs

The whole idea behind ordering a custom bed is that you get something that is made just for you. Whether it’s a unique design idea that complements your interiors or you intend to mix and match materials to ensure better quality and aesthetic, you get exactly what you need with your furniture by ordering a custom product. 


You could order custom bedroom storage furniture such as timber chests, tallboys, blanket boxes or integrate beautiful custom bedside tables to create the look and feel you want – that’s the whole idea behind customisation, creating perfection for you.


Optimised for Making The Best Use Of Your Space

If you have a bedroom that is limited with space or shaped uniquely, a custom bed is an ideal solution. When you buy pre-made beds at bedroom furniture stores, you receive standard furniture sizes that could be difficult to fit the bed into the available space. 


With custom beds, you get something made specifically for your bedroom that is guaranteed to be a perfect fit for the space available meaning that your bed won’t cramp your bedroom either! 


Your Custom Bed Is A True Reflection Of Your Style

Genoa bed in Western Australian MarriWhether you prefer something more contemporary with clean lines or want to create a laid-back bedroom décor with a classic style, your custom made bedroom furniture will reflect your style and preferred design aesthetic. 


Let your imagination go wild and flaunt your personal taste in everything from design, shape, timber species, stain, colour and more.  


You Own Something That Nobody Else Does

When you choose a custom bed, you have complete control over every aspect of how your bedroom furniture will look and feel. 


You can have it designed just the way you like, and it will reflect that your interiors are your own style in their entirety. While the convenience of stock standard bed designs is tempting, nothing is comparable to the feeling of owning custom beds that are one-of-a-kind and nobody else can ever have. 


The value of a custom made bed and custom bedroom furniture brings, far outweighs the investment. You also have the freedom to pick just about everything – the design, the material, and the add-ons. You pay for incomparable quality, and expert craftsmanship ensuring your custom made furniture will last for generations. 


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