Why is Blackwood Perfect for Dining Table

The dining table has been one of the crucial features of each home for decades. Even though our eating habits changed as we became overly busy to have the meals regularly in the circle of friends and family, the dining table is still one of the favourite meeting points where enjoyment is guaranteed.


Since most of us are not seeing our loved ones as often as before, we want everything to be perfect, at least on that Saturday or Sunday. The food is carefully selected as the table set-up looks impeccable, but the secret lies in the ambience that helps us relax and truly enjoy every moment. 


As the dream home is a place that we can truly call our own, we tend to give serious thought to its interiors and furnishing. Being unique comes spontaneously as we have the freedom to express ourselves just the way we want. It feels like we have this urge to bring in the organic feeling right into our homes and come closer to the nature that we are all part of. 


Does this sound familiar and are you wondering what’s the best way to indulge yourself? Let us give you a little hint – by having handmade timber furniture. Now, imagine a massive, beautifully coloured and unique dining table made of one of the finest and richest Australian timbers? We present you with a Blackwood or Tasmanian blackwood dining table that will transform the appearance of your living area entirely and make the family and friend gatherings even more delightful. 


Blackwood Dining Tables are Simply Stunning


Even though aesthetics is maybe not the first thing you have in mind when buying a timber dining table, we put it at the top of our list solely because the Tasmanian blackwood table has so much more to offer. Still, its timeless and bold beauty is something that everyone will notice. 


With its rich golden-brown heartwood that might come with the red streaks or darker strips, Blackwood timber is as exciting and unpredictable as it gets. It comes with straight, slightly interlocked, or wavy grain patterns, so it truly allows you to mix and match the variants when selecting the right option for your new Blackwood dining table


Tasmanian Blackwood Table is Long-Lasting and Durable 


Like any other hardwood species, Blackwood is highly durable, sturdy and strong. Rated as decay-resistant yet susceptible to insect attack, Blackwood is a perfect solution for the indoor area. You don’t have to worry about scratches or damages because it will take a lot more than the plate, cutlery or even a hot pot to leave any marks. After all, besides being used for furniture manufacturing, Tasmanian blackwood has its place in the boat building industry and many other craft pursuits, so it can clearly endure harsh conditions. 


Looking for an Eco-friendly Dining Table Solution?


Nowadays, we all want to be ‘greener’ as people are constantly finding new ways to reduce their home’s carbon footprint. Blackwood is a completely organic and renewable source of building material, so it doesn’t contain any chemicals that might affect your health and increase your carbon footprint. 


As we in Naturally Timber have been designing and manufacturing custom handmade Tasmanian blackwood tables for over 35 years, we made sure to grow our private plantations where the trees are naturally felled. This is how we contributed to flora and fauna preservation and still managed to make your home more beautiful by supplying it with the most beloved and beneficial product of nature – wood. 


Tasmanian Blackwood Dining Table Is Cost-Effective


Investing in an original piece of handmade timber furniture that will last for many years to come is always a good move. Nowadays, when modern furniture solutions are made of low-quality and unsustainable materials, having a durable Tasmanian blackwood dining table comes as a budget-friendly option. 


Besides ensuring yourself a dining table made of premium quality native Australian timber, you are saving money in the long run since this piece doesn’t require any professional maintenance, repairs or restoration to be fully functional. 


Versatile Design Options


Since Blackwood has good overall workability, it is good for steam bending and it’s quite easy to nail and glue. This is how this hard, yet flexible wood lets you implement various design ideas into your original Tasmanian blackwood table. 


Another feature that makes Blackwood perfect for the dining table is thanks to the smooth and polished finish which can be achieved by your professional custom furniture builder and maintained throughout the years. 


Whether you like rustic yet chick or you are quite traditional and prefer to have a minimalistic and elegant dining table, Tasmanian blackwood timber can adapt to your desires. If you are ready to share some ideas with our Naturally Timber team, you can book your free design consultation now and let us present you with some amazing Tasmanian blackwood table solutions. 


Exquisite Yet Practical


Nothing adds a touch of prestige as an impressive wooden piece of furniture. Immediately noticeable and eye-catching, the Tasmanian blackwood table can represent a real work of art if done by the experienced and dedicated artisan.


Despite its mighty appearance, the Tasmanian blackwood dining table can be quite lightweight and therefore easy to move around. If you decide on a fully customized Blackwood dining table solution, you have an opportunity to select the dimensions that don’t need to fit the usual standards. Maybe you have a large dining area and wish to accommodate a lot of people regularly? You can have a Tasmanian blackwood table that will fit in nicely and make everyone feel at home. 


We at Naturally Timber can create a unique Tasmanian blackwood table of any dimension and design. Get inspired by many of our previous projects, select some of our majestic and recognised design patterns or present us with your exclusive invention that you are truly proud of, and we’ll make sure to supply you with an extraordinary Tasmanian blackwood table that you’ll fall in love instantly. Want other options? Learn about the best types of wood for furniture here.


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