Timber slabs have for long been in use as an impeccable solution for kitchens, bar tops, bathrooms and reception stations.

Timber slabs can be made from many timber species, such as:

  • Jarrah
  • Blue Gum
  • Lemon scented Gum
  • Blackbutt
  • Grey Gum
  • White Gum
  • Rose gum
  • Camphor Laurel
  • Silky Oak
  • Tallowwood
  • Brush Box
  • Turpentine

Their sheer beauty and durability make timber slab tables most desirable.

Made from real timber, wooden slab tables are known for their gorgeous look, and are the best options for remodeling your kitchen. To have that natural alluring and luxurious look, use timber slabs for your food preparation areas, bench tops, stools, and chairs. You can give your kitchen a whole new look by using a natural wood finish that will stand out and shine. You can stain or gloss the timber slabs to blend with your kitchen theme; and they are durable, as they do not peel or fade.

They are perfectly suitedto a bench top, countertops, furniture etc; the timber must be thoroughly dry. Dry timber is believed, and in reality is more stable. Timber could be air dried or kiln dried. Kiln dried timber slabs are processed in a kiln, which is a chamber that is thermally insulated to generate temperatures sufficient to dry or harden any item placed in it. Kiln drying is most preferred not only because it thoroughly dries timber within a short time, but also because it gets rid of borers, worms, bacteria and other insects from the timber. The major advantage of kiln drying is that it ensures the stability of the timber and prevention from twisting, cuppy, cracking and warping.

There is a general misconception that since the tree has long been dead, the slabs must be totally dry. The fact is that except properly processed and kiln dried, slabs cannot be totally rid of moisture regardless of how long they have been felled and under drying. Sometimes, timber slabs do not last their potential life span as a result of degradation caused by insects and changes in state being the resultant effects of high relative humidity.

Wooden slab tables are a beauty to behold, apart from their functional purposes and durability. There are high quality timber slab tables online, making shopping easier and comfortable. Contact us at Naturally Timber for a great range of timber slab tables in Sydney.