Why You Should Invest in a Handmade Timber Furniture

In this fast-paced world where most of us follow the well-established living patterns, there is a place where we can express our real selves and get to enjoy it to the maximum – our homes. We aspire to create this unique ambience that reflects our style and identity at every step of the way where we can feel comfortable, relaxed and able to connect with our loved ones.


One of the ways to achieve this is by having unique handmade timber furniture that offers everything but a generic home interior solution. After all, it is quite impossible to make two same pieces of it, so you’ll be ensured with a one-of-a-kind sofa, dining table or a bookshelf. Once you realize how personalized living space has a positive effect on your mood and overall quality of life, you’ll want to create the same blissful environment in your office and any other premises where you tend to spend a lot of time. 


Even though it is already quite clear why investing in handmade timber furniture is a good idea, let us guide you through more advantages that you will get after deciding to reward yourself with these exceptional home interior design settlements. 


Timber Furniture Offers an Experience


Having wooden furniture creates a sense of the natural world that we often feel disconnected from. You’ll be able to create an organic setting where you can even enjoy the smell and texture of your home furnishings. Wood is an eco-friendly natural and renewable resource that will make your home more sustainable and reduce its carbon footprint thanks to the timber’s capacity to actually store it. 


Related to sustainability, wooden furniture is long-lasting and durable, so it will serve you for many years to come. Easy to maintain as it requires occasional polishing and waxing, handmade timber furniture saves you money while it enhances your home’s curb appeal and value. 


As the wood comes in a vast range of colours and tones, it gives you a chance to be as creative and experimental as you wish – modern or contemporary, rustic or traditional, the choice is solely yours since the timber will look good in any setting. 


You’ll Get Precisely What You Want


You don’t have to be a perfectionist to have this drive for things to look as you want them to. It is in our nature to create and adjust everything in our surroundings to serve us the best way possible, so we can simply get the full practical and esthetical value of it. 


Handmade timber furniture lets you play with the design until you are fully satisfied with it. Each premium hardwood timber can be handcrafted to correspond with the exact idea you had in mind. Maybe you are having difficulty in finding the non-standard sized massive dining table or wish to wake up in the luxurious wooden bed with the grand baldachin? Handmade timber furniture allows you to translate your vision into pragmatic and beautiful reality. 


We at Naturally Timber offer fully customized handmade timber furniture solutions made of the finest naturally felled timber species. Book your free design consultation now and ensure yourself a truly extraordinary piece of furniture that you’ll be constantly amazed by. 


A Piece Of Handmade Timber Furniture Is a High-Quality Product


As we previously mentioned, timber furniture is durable and incredibly resilient due to its hard and dense structure. The finest handmade timber furniture makers are going a step further to ensure you get the most of their products by selecting only the highest-quality timber for the manufacturing process. By investigating the timber properties like hardness, moisture content, grain, elasticity and many others, the timber specialists will conclude whether certain species can answer their and your demands. 


Even though almost every hardwood can be used to make a solid and beautiful dining table, bed frame, cabinet or any other piece of furniture, it is important to select the one that can meet your expectations fully. As Sydney Blue Gum is traditionally used for heavy construction, its timber is a perfect solution for a large and remarkable wooden TV unit, while the moderately heavy American Oak timber can serve as everything from a medium-sized modern puzzle bookcase to a spectacular slab dining table.


Being Included in the Design Process


As you are actively participating in the handmade furniture creation process, there is a greater chance that the outcome will be as satisfying as possible – you will not be faced with the mistakes, corrections and overall disappointment once you have your piece delivered. 


You will choose the basic design that you like or come up with a fully customized design that includes all the specific details important for you, decide for the stains, grains and finishes you find the most attractive, and let your trusted handmade timber furniture builder take care of the rest. 


Handmade Timber Furniture Makers Invest All their Energy and Passion into Your Project


When you decide to invest in handmade timber furniture, you are granted a whole team of professional Australian furniture makers ready to commit to its production entirely.. After all, this is a real craft that we are talking about, so you can expect to work closely with driven individuals who genuinely love their work. Knowing that their unique creation based on your vision will be displayed in your home or office gives these craftsmen a tremendous responsibility and motivation to strive for perfection. This is why you can rest assured that your new handmade timber furniture will induce a fresh and exciting spark of life into your home. 


Well-known for the absolute dedication to each project and unbeatable attention to detail, our Naturally Timber professionals are up for any challenge. Whether you need us to create a custom design handmade timber furniture from scratch, or you already fell in love with a piece from our timeless Signature Series, you can be sure that our exclusive items will breathe life into your homes and offices. 

Ready for a completely different handmade timber furniture experience? Give us a call at 1300 590 936 or book your free design consultation now and expect a prompt and detailed estimate.

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