Why Your Interior Needs a Wooden Slab Coffee Table?

A coffee table is one of those pieces that you might think you don’t need, but eventually, it turns out that a well-crafted and unique coffee table can enrich the whole interior and support your style the best way possible.


Over the years, coffee tables became so much more than a place where we put our hot coffee, tea or newspapers. This especially relates to beautiful wooden slab coffee tables that are often chosen to be the centrepiece of the room thanks to their unusual shape, design and overall authentical appearance. 


Incredibly versatile, resistant and made of natural timber, custom wooden coffee tables have been the first choice of many home and business owners who want to bring in the organic feeling into the room and get a chance to express their unique style to the fullest.


They come in handy when you have informal gatherings at home, or you need some extra space when hosting a large group of people. But most importantly, a wooden slab coffee table is a piece of furniture that will last for decades if taken care of, so all those memories that you create around it will stick in your mind forever. 


Even though it is already quite clear why you need a wooden slab coffee table in your home or office, let us point out more reasons why you should get one today and enhance your interiors instantly. 


Choosing the Slab You Like the Most


One of the greatest things about having a custom wooden slab coffee table is that you get to select the exact piece of natural timber that you want to turn into a furnishing.


They can be made by almost any Australian native timber, like exotic River Red Gum or warm Sydney Blue Gum but also lovely American Oak or Walnut. The choice is solely yours when it comes to timber selection and size. Your new wooden slab coffee table can be quite small to fit any office or large and massive for grand living areas. 


As you will be fully familiar with how the table will look like, there will be no surprises once the piece arrives at your address. This is exactly what we at Naturally Timber guarantee as it is our primal intention to translate your ideas into a real piece of furniture. We offer a wide range of select-grade hardwoods that are hand-crafted into long-lasting and unique pieces, and you can share your design with us today or get a free design consultation from our experts. 


Bringing the Nature Closer to You


In a fast-paced world when we all often feel somewhat disconnected from nature, having a piece of natural timber furniture in our surroundings comes as a luxury. 


Slabs are made by cutting a tree all the way through which means that their natural edge is fully preserved. This is exactly what makes them so special as you can see all these interesting characteristics of the wood – the knots, cracks and the figure. Besides being a real treat for the eyes, they are also lovely to touch. Basically, you’ll have a large slice of natural timber right in your living or working area. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? 


Wooden Coffee Table is Environmentally Friendly 


Finding more sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to support each aspect of our lives has become an urge and responsibility of all of us. 


Besides being renewable and recyclable, natural timber is long-lasting and requires a low amount of energy to produce, craft and shape. This means zero waste, a negative carbon footprint, and therefore, a real ‘green’ furniture alternative that affects our physical and mental health positively. After all, an old and unused slab might just go to the landfill, but instead, an experienced artisan can make a real piece of art and give it eternal life. 


You Are Ensuring Yourself an Original and Quality Hand-Made Product


The true value of a wooden slab coffee table is that it isn’t transformed beyond recognition by the production process. This is because it is hand-made and each detail was given maximum attention, so finding the two same pieces of it is quite impossible.


This makes your new wooden slab coffee table entirely original and of course, premium-quality furnishing. We at Naturally Timber have been designing and creating unique pieces of wooden furniture for over 35 years, and compromising on quality was never a part of our deal. We take time to understand your specific requirements and only then when you are entirely satisfied with the design we came up with, our artisans will get to work. 


Fully Customised Furniture Option


Even though many people are going for the ready-made furniture solution, having a fully customised wooden slab coffee table is still a choice for the ones who truly care about their interiors and wish to preserve its uniqueness. 


If you wish to have a visually attractive and exciting coffee table that represents a perfect blend of modern and rustic, you might consider selecting a live edge wood slab. The outer edge of the slab is usually wavy and somewhat abstract, so it will fit nicely into any home décor. 


On the other hand, solid wood slabs don’t have a live edge and are finished to the ultimate level of smoothness. This gives a wooden coffee slab table a more neat and clean appearance, while it is also the first choice for those who have small children and wish to avoid having some furniture with sharp and uneven edges. 


Our Signature Series have been preferred among both corporate and residential clients thanks to their incomparable beauty, exceptional design and durability. Among our offers, you can find both dining and coffee slab table design examples that can be further customised to fit your needs. They can be made in any size and can even contain some add-ons like drawers and other additional storage options. 


Feel free to give us a call or schedule a free design consultation now, and ensure yourself a wooden slab coffee table that you always dreamed of. 

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