Expert Strategies for a Stylish Dining Space

There’s one common problem that both new and seasoned homeowners face with their spaces: how to decorate. Creating beautiful, cohesive and contemporary rooms that are still you is no easy task. Specifically, the dining area needs a refined yet personal touch as it is the heart of the home. Whether you choose functional generic pieces or custom solid timber dining furniture, bringing together your space can be done exceptionally well with our expert tips and style guide.

Find The Centre

Every room in your home has a centre. It’s what gives the space purpose and function. In your main bedroom, it is likely the bed. In your entrance hall, a wooden console. And in your dining room, the grand dining table, such as our Milan Dining Table. The benefit of choosing a custom-crafted dining table is that you are investing in quality that is tailored to your needs and personality. You determine the size, the hardwood, and the design.

Consider Intentional Storage

If you’re going for a more minimalistic timber dining table for your dining room, you can achieve this look with intentional and cleverly incorporated storage. Consider acquiring a sideboard, buffet and hutch unit, or display cabinet to help you store your more exclusive cutlery and crockery. These pieces can bring together the entire space and give the room dimension and warmth.

Buy For Design

Dining chairs do not need to be dreary or drab. They do not necessarily need to blend in or even match the rest of the space. They can be an opportunity to play with bright pops of colour or interesting fabrics and mixtures, such as our Dunbar Dining Chair. The contrasting design of your chairs next to a well-crafted table will elevate your space and create a modern room.

Your dining room should be more than just a functional area. Whether it’s for quick suppers, lazy Sunday lunches, or impressive dinner parties, your space can be upgraded with ease. The ideal mix of custom furniture and thoughtful design infused with your unique touch can make your dining room the room to be in.

With our range of locally handcrafted, high-quality custom-made solid timber dining furniture, Naturally Timber is ready to take on your next furnishing project. Contact us today to design your own dining table.

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